About Me

I work for The Co-Operative as Group Director of Digital Services.

I am also a partner at  Public Digital a consultancy which helps digitally transform non-UK Governments and large organisations.

I was previously founder of the UK’s Government Digital Service, part of the Cabinet Office.  I led the alpha and beta phases of GOV.UK, which included the GDS Design Principles.

In 2012 I wrote the Government Digital Strategy, co-ordinated the associated 18 departmental digital strategies . From 2013 I lead and supported digital transformation within other government departments and agencies such as DWP, HM Treasury and ONS.

I have nearly twenty years experience of digital product management, strategy and transformation. I have led and catalysed digital change in large institutions such as the BBC, Channel 4, OFCOM, Capital FM and UPC. Here’s my LinkedIn profile.

My personal blog is at www.tomski.com

I tweet as @tomskitomski

My email is [my firstname] @ [my surname].com